"The issuance of a warrant does not indicate guilt of the commission of an offense. It indicates that a judge or magistrate has found sufficient probable cause to believe there has been a commission of an offense or a defendant has failed to satisfy court ordered fines and court costs. The posted list is not updated daily so a warrant may still appear on this list even thought bail has been posted, fines and costs have been paid and/or the warrant has been recalled."

If your name appears on our warrant list (PDF), you may have an active warrant with the Tulia Municipal Court and could be arrested.

If you find your name on the list, please contact the court to obtain more information.

To contact us:

By phone at (806) 995-3547

By fax at (806) 995-2331

or email us

The document is in PDF format, depending on the type of reader you have installed you may search the page for your name by using the "find" feature in your browser.


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