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Annual Budgets
An annual budget is the single most important financial responsibility of a local government. The City Charter and The Texas Local Government Code require that an annual budget be adopted. The following is a list of several important functions of a budget:
  • Sets goals and formulates a plan to achieve them
  • Establishes priorities in the selection of city programs
  • Determines the level of taxation necessary to finance city programs
  • Estimates the city’s income and expenditures
  • Serves as a control tool for using the city’s resources
  • Provides the public a written document, which plainly describes activities and expenditures that will be undertaken during the next fiscal year
  • Serves as a short- and long-term planning tool

The Approved Operating Budget is available for download.  This is a larger file, so be patient as it loads on your computer.  Thank you.

If you have questions or concerns about budgeting, you may contact the Finance Director at (806) 995-3547.